Add a date to the OpenCV output frames - no overwriting

This came up at the last meeting.

Here is a solution:

I have a file:

(jacked from

1. Added import datetime and import time (for good measure - I'm a hack)

2. Added variable for date_string

3. Added date_string variable to output name

4. Output the file


Raspberry Pi 4 - available now

The new Raspberry Pi 4 is creating such a stir with the changes:

  • MicroHDMI from HDMI
  • Change in Power Supply Unit!
  • USB 3.0

Some Pi enthusiasts are waiting on this one.

The bonus - You can select the amount of memory available.

1 gb = 35 USD

2 gb = 45 USD

4 gb = 55 USD

I ordered the 4 gb because - Heck yea!

Happy Tinkering!