Conferences and Events

We are currently offering our assistance with Conference/event planning for University LUGs and any other LUGs interested.

In the interest of Community:
For the past few years, there are conferences that are dominating the GNU Linux space with their propaganda gaining millions of dollars in sponsorship from companies like Microsoft. This is not beneficial to our community progression.

Some of the propaganda includes:

  • Enforcing Code of Conduct
  • Inclusiveness (we are already all inclusive. we're foss)
  • Promoting Windows and Windows users

Additionally, independent groups using volunteers for conference presentation selection have been manipulated by a group of individuals in what I call: ConferenceGate

In an effort to establish credibility in our community, these not-so-techie people maneuvered the system by volunteering across several conferences, selecting their friends and eliminating community minded presentations.

In fact, you may find some of these same people published in, LinuxJournal, magazine and such.The same group of people support each other, making these frauds who outed community minded leaders for their own "cliche" look legitimate. Unfortunately, the way is paved now and these people hold seats at the highest level of our community.

Another issue is the news platforms are shilling articles about our community as FOSS Force put it, on Twitter this past year, it is necessary to have a relationship with the Linux Foundation. We disagree. We were a community long  before the "Foundation" and "conservancy". 

Recently, LinuxJournal closed down, only a short time after Linux Foundation fired all the writers for magazine without notice. 

Let's fix our community - through community efforts.

Let's bring back the Welcome Wagon!