Copper LUG Projects and Events

Libre Respin POC

Distro and backup tool: (previously,


  • Marcia Wilbur (aicra) - Lead dev: Debian, Trisquel, Mint - contact at
  • Sergio Mejia - Lead dev: Ubuntu - chamuco on launchpad
  • Rudy Ganther - QA

Libre Respin Studio - more on 2020 - want to add test phase, offline storage. Also burn the ISOs/images!

  • Marcia

HAL (closed-no results)

Server Sandbox

  • Rudy Ganther
  • Bob
  • Gordon

Discord - For west side Linux + Pi

AI Maker Distro


  • Marcia
  • Gordon
  • Contributors?
  • Versions/bases: Ubuntu, Raspbian

Raspbian Improved



Current project is a redesign - rebranding to Norwich Robotics.