FOSS-Style: GNU Linux IoT and AI manual of Style

Note from the author:

In the past, there were man pages.
Then, there were the mini-howtos!


Ultimate, we had guides and for our git places.

Whether you use sphinx, jekyll, pandoc, doxygen, DocBook, DITA or etherpad, this guide may provide some guidance with IoT, AI, semiconductor, single board computers and other documentation of GNU Linux applications, tools, utilities.

The truth is, I was working contracts and tired of hearing that we follow the MS manual of style.

1. Not Relevant

2. No

Since I've been writing GNU Linux documentation for almost 20 years, and for years before that, scratched out a living as a typesetter and graphic artist, shopper ad writer, art department conversion specialist, implementation and migration manager, sys admin and code monkey, I thought it could be useful to offer some guidance for people new to this GNU Linux documentation thing.

After all, documentation is helpful! :)


Marcia K. Wilbur

Lead Developer, Libre Respin

(code poet, author, editor, tinkerer)